aerial view of plantation

The value of timber plantations in Australia

Are you the owner of an unmanaged timber plantation or interested in establishing one? In this article we uncover the…

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Top 6 Sustainable Forest Management Techniques

We cover the top six forest management techniques for forest health, wood production, wildlife, aesthetics & bushfire mitigation.

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Forest Science, Forest Ecology, Forest Health, Forest Resources

Science leading the way in sustainable forest management

The NSW State Government has a dedicated Forest Science department, focused on assessing and quantifying forest values in accordance with…

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same-age forest next to a mixed-age forest

Impacts on Forest Yield: Why no two forests yield the same.

Every forest is unique. From the mix of tree species and tree health, to the age of the forest and…

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A Sustainable and Renewable Green Earth

Embracing change for multigenerational benefit – Denmark case study

From the food we choose to eat and the products we consume, to how we manage our resources, each decision we make will impact the future – ours and our families to come.
This article focuses on the opportunities for East Coast landowners to embrace sustainable management practices and how collectively, we can make a change for good.

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Starry night in Northern NSW

How To Overcome Social & Environmental Impacts on NSW Native Forests

Australia’s native forests are active and biodiverse ecosystems, with unique cultural heritage. They provide many benefits including timber, carbon sequestration…

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Sustainable forestry specialist assessing a native private forest for Timber Stand Improvement (TSI).

Forest Management Options for Private Landowners

Managing your private native forest need not be a difficult task. There are clear codes and guidelines that determine sustainable ways of managing private native forest in NSW and across Australia. As the leader in sustainable forest management we have created this short guide covering the four main approaches to managing private native forest on the North Coast of NSW.

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In 2022 the koala was officially declared an endangered species, with the most recent research predicting that without serious intervention koalas could face extinction in NSW by 2050.

The Great Koala National Park – Coffs Coast

The Coffs Coast could soon be home to The Great Koala National Park…As Australians we want to protect our iconic Koala from extinction. As forestry industry professionals we see the value of sustainable forest management for long term ecological benefit.

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Sustainable Forest Management at Primex in Casino

Sustainable Forest Management in the Community

Connection with the community is an important aspect of our work at Sustainable Forest Management. We actively aim to promote the importance of sustainable management of Australia’s forest for the long term benefit of our nation. We do this through education and connection with the local community in Mid/Northern NSW and also through larger events such as the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

In this blog we talk about some of the events you will find us at this year…

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Top Tips for a Successful Silvopasture

Silvopasture provides many benefits for livestock from expanded acreage and diversity of  pasture to increased shade. It also provides forest benefits including improved tree health and forest longevity. Benefits are both environmental and financial, with increased yields from the same acreage.

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View from the Bicentennial Tree in the Warren National Park, a 15 minute drive from Pemberton in south-west Western Australia on a misty and smoky morning.

Our 2023 Guide to Australian Timber Values by Species

Timber sourced from privately owned forests on the NSW North Coast is a $349 million industry. As a key supplier of premium Australian hardwoods used for home construction, structural engineering, flooring and decking, timber sourced from Northern NSW is in high demand (NSW Nationals). With high demand comes some great prices and this article will provide you with the local timber rates, so you can start to understand what your trees may be worth in 2023…

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a timber dining table

How being sustainable, starts with the timber you choose for your home

Many of us are starting to seek out native Australian timber in our home builds, renovations, and furnishings. But what about shopping as locally as you can get and using timber from trees located on your own property..

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