Active Forest Management

All native forests must be actively managed for environmental reasons, whether for timber production or not.

Active forest management promotes:

  • Resilience against fire
  • Biodiversity
  • Forest Health

That could mean sustainable logging, hazard reduction or cultural burns, reforestation or awaiting a few more years of forest growth.

Sustainable Logging

Where your forest is in good productive condition, we conduct sustainable logging of selected trees. The harvester operator undertakes the identification process that determines which trees are to be harvested.  Predominantly, we harvest trees that have reached or are beyond their potential, leaving behind mostly adolescent and several mature-aged trees for the ongoing sustainability of your forest.

Key to the Future of Australia’s Native Forests

Sustainable logging is the active management of forests for the long term, ensuring both current and future needs can be met. Sustainable logging is the balance between how people use forests for timber while maintaining the unique environmental and social benefits of forests. It carefully addresses community values like biodiversity, clean air and water, wildlife habitat and cultural heritage.

Sustainable forest management has a long and evolving history in Australia.  As our understanding of forest ecology has increased, – and community attitudes have changed – management practices have also developed to meet sustainable timber yields and maintain and protect the core forest values. 

Logging private native forests is a more sustainable and economical alternative to creating and harvesting dedicated timber plantations. Unlike plantations, native forests do not require fertilisers, insecticides, intensive cultivation, or ongoing on-ground management.

Minimising Waste, Maximising Returns

Our unique approach to sustainable logging ensures we utilise more of each tree for timber, meaning much less wastage, reducing fire hazard and maximising returns. With today’s specialised harvesting equipment coupled with highly experienced and competent operators, you are assured of an efficient and effective operation.

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We harvest timber for various products, such as construction timber, power poles, flooring, furniture and firewood. Our solid and long-standing partnerships within the industry ensure maximum returns for your wood. Visit our timber uses page to find out more about the end products from our harvesting. 

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