As leaders in sustainable management of private native forest along the East Coast, we support the long-term sustainability of your forest. Our revolutionary approach to private forest management includes a reforestation program available for every landowner.

With over 30+ years worth experience in private forest management, our team helps over 50 private landowners every year to successfully manage their forests for the best long-term outcome. 

Formerly known as North Coast Forest Management, we rebranded to support our industry-leading focus on sustainable practices. Sustainable Forest Management are Timber NSW members, and support an economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable timber industry.

Our Services

Our holistic forest management services support the full forest management process from initial assessment through to reforestation. We do the hard work of managing your forest.

Forest Assessment: We offer free on-site forest assessments to determine suitability for sustainable harvesting. Plus free personalised advice on the long-term management of your forest. 

Private Native Forestry Plans: We can apply for your PNF Plan (logging application) on your behalf. We will ask you all the right questions to be sure your approval applies to the right areas.

Sustainable Logging: We actively manage your forest to improve bushfire resilience, promote biodiversity and to promote forest health. We only harvest timber where it is sustainable to do so, with minimal impact to the natural habitat and protection of your forest for future growth. Our solid and long-standing partnerships within the industry ensure maximum returns for your timber. 

Reforestation Program: Our reforestation program is part of the services we offer every landowner. Driven by an opportunity to positively change the industry, our unique reforestation program is industry leading.

Find out more about Our Services here.

Our Team

Siman McPherson, Managing Director, leads a specialised team of sustainable forest managers operating predominantly across NSW and South East QLD. 

Siman’s love for the industry began as a child assisting his father in the family timber business. Following in his father’s footsteps, he learnt the science of logging and sawmilling before setting up a timber drying facility and then in 2014, Sustainable Forest Management. His passion is spotting opportunities to make a change for good and is leading Sustainable Forest Management to be the positive change in the long-term future of Australia’s private forests.

“As an industry leader, we have the opportunity to raise awareness on forest sustainability, drive change and help ensure the long-term health and survival of Australia’s forests.”

Based in Coffs Harbour, Mid North Coast, Siman is your primary contact and can be found on-site overseeing our projects when not in the office. 

Siman is an experienced and easy going fellow who cares deeply about his role in the team and the forestry industry, and is excellent in educating and supporting landowners to develop a thorough understanding of their forests. His skills in assessing a forest – both in it’s present state, what historically has occurred (even over 20-30yrs ago) and what it may look like into the future – gives our landowners great insight with their options and is of substantial value, no matter what choice may be taken. When not busy working, Siman can be found enjoying the great outdoors with his young family.

Suzy is our Office Manager and supports our landowners in areas such as being a friendly liaison contact for LLS, and enjoys supporting Siman, Victor and our hard-working contractors get the job done. She has operations management and project delivery in her background, loves living with her family on her small patch of land on the Mid North Coast of NSW, and loves the bush and tablelands just as much! She is thoroughly interested in the applied science of forestry and is passionate about the sustainability of Australian grown native timber when it is managed ethically and professionally.

Peter is our Resource Assistant, and is available on the phone or by email for a friendly chat about your forest. Peter has an extensive background in horticulture and is a wealth of information, particularly for those making an initial enquiry to find out more about what is involved with native forest management. Peter is available by calling 1300 FOREST for a chat at any time.

Our Values

Sustainability is at the heart of everything that we do. You can rest assured when you choose to work with Sustainable Forest Management, you have made the best decision for the long-term future of your forest. 

We are a Best Practice Business

There are no shortcuts with us. We do things the right way for our customers and their forests. 

Innovative Sustainability

We are the change-makers in the timber industry.  We look for opportunities to make greater positive contributions to the long-term health of Australia’s forests and do so. Our innovative approach to timber harvesting is industry leading. Ensuring more of the tree is utilised, minimising waste and maximising returns.

Focus on the Future.

Where there is an opportunity to make a change for good, we do it. Why let someone else do it if we can. Our industry-leading reforestation program is a great example as we aim to regrow over 50,000 trees every year.

Read more about our sustainability practices here.

Our specialised team of localised forest managers operate along the East Coast of Australia, from South East Queensland down to Victoria.

Partner with us to reset your forest for the future. Get in touch today.  We’d love to hear from you.