Sustainable Forest Management

We believe there is a better way to manage Australia’s private native forest. As leaders in the sustainable management of private native forests along the East Coast, we support the long-term sustainability of your forest.

Sustainable Forest Management

We are a Best Practice Business

There are no shortcuts with us. We do things the right way for our customers and their forests.

Innovative Sustainability

We are the change-makers in the timber industry. Our innovative approach to timber harvesting is industry-leading.

Focus on the Future

Where there is an opportunity to make a change for good, we do it. With our industry-leading approach to supporting landowners in managing their forests, we are all about healthy trees and regeneration.

Forest Management Techniques & Services

Our holistic forest management services support the complete forest management process from initial assessment and approval to sustainable timber harvesting and reforestation. Our management strategy and techniques mean that we can do the hard work of managing your forest for you.

men standing and talking in the forest

Forest Assessment

We offer free on-site forest assessments to determine suitability for sustainable harvesting, including providing you with a free valuation of your trees. Our initial visit also includes free personalised advice on the long-term sustainable management of your private native forest. Our inspections cover three core areas: accessibility, forest type and forest condition. Our valuations will advise how much your trees are worth, based on the top rates for your timber.
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Private Native Forestry Plans

Private Native Forest Plans are commonly known as PNF Plans or Logging Approvals. Granted by Local Land Services, they are a key requirement for all private native forest management in NSW. We can apply for your PNF Plan on your behalf at no cost to you. We will ask you all the right questions to be sure your approval applies to the right areas, making it a simple and hassle-free process.
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Sustainable Logging

We actively manage your forest to improve bushfire resilience and to promote biodiversity & forest health. We only harvest timber where it is sustainable to do so, with minimal impact to the natural habitat, ensuring protection of your forest for future growth. Our unique logging approach and solid, long-standing partnerships within the industry ensure you will receive the maximum returns for your timber.
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Sustainable Forest management reforestation


Our industry-leading reforestation program is a complimentary part of our service. Driven by an opportunity to positively change the industry, our unique reforestation program is an industry first. Unlike other forest management providers who end their project at harvesting, we are invested in the long term health and regrowth of your forest. Our reforestation program includes complimentary aftercare service, site revisits and replanting.
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Get your Free Assessment

Contact us today to arrange your free, no-obligation forest assessment. We will conduct an on-site evaluation of your forest accessibility, type and condition. Plus, you’ll also receive a free timber valuation.

About Us

As leaders in the sustainable management of private native forests across Northern NSW, we support the long-term sustainability of your forest. Our revolutionary approach to private forest management includes an industry-first reforestation program available to every landowner.

A Long Standing History of Expertise

With several decades of experience in private forest management, our team helps over 50 private landowners every year to successfully manage their forests for the best long-term outcome. 

Formerly known as North Coast Forest Management, we recently rebranded to support our industry-leading focus on sustainable practices. Sustainable Forest Management is a Timber NSW member and supports an economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable timber industry.

Lead by Siman McPherson, Director

Siman McPherson, Managing Director, leads a specialised team of Sustainable Forest Managers operating predominantly across the coastal and tableland regions of New South Wales. 

Siman’s passion is spotting opportunities to make a change for good. It is leading Sustainable Forest Management to be the positive change in the long-term future of Australia’s private forests.

‘As an industry leader, I have the opportunity to raise awareness on forest sustainability, drive change and help ensure the long-term health and survival of Australia’s precious habitat’.

Our Industry Leading Approach to Sustainable Forestry

Our native forests are unique, and Australians use products made from their wood daily. The Australian state forestry industry is committed to a future of sustainable growth where every tree we use is regrown and replaced (Forestry Corporation). At Sustainable Forest Management, we will be doing the same—the first of any private forest management business to do so.

Where We Operate

Our specialised team of localised forest managers operate across Northern NSW. We specialise in both Coastal and Tableland private native forest management. Our Head Office is in Coffs Harbour on the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales. Contact Us at 1300 FOREST or complete the Contact Us form to get started today.

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