How to get the best return from your private native forest

Optimal returns from your private native forest involve cultivating a diverse, healthy mixed-age forest, flourishing with native flora and fauna. This approach allows for potential timber production, offering financial gains while safeguarding the future sustainability of the forest.

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View from the Bicentennial Tree in the Warren National Park, a 15 minute drive from Pemberton in south-west Western Australia on a misty and smoky morning.

Our 2024 Guide to Australian Timber Values by Species

Timber sourced from privately owned forests on the NSW North Coast is a $349 million industry. As a key supplier of premium Australian hardwoods used for home construction, structural engineering, flooring and decking, timber sourced from Northern NSW is in high demand (NSW Nationals). With high demand comes some great prices and this article will provide you with the local timber rates, so you can start to understand what your trees may be worth in 2023…

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Aerial view of Australian Farm with healthy working forest

How to Turn My Trees Into a Healthy Working Forest

Should you be incorporating sustainable forestry practices on your land? Learn how to turn your trees into a healthy working forest through the restorative practice that renews and regenerates a range of forest types.

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Sustainable forestry specialist looking up at tree

How to Get the Best Return From Your Tree Harvest

Are you sitting on a sustainable goldmine? Learn how to maximise your sustainable tree harvest while achieving the best return for your wood.

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Sustainable Forestry Practices

Guide to Northern NSW Native Forest Trees

Did you know there are approximately 73,000 species of trees in the world? It was only in February 2022 that…

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Sell My Trees

How to sell my trees?

When selling trees from a private native forest you will be paid royalties for the type, quality & volume of timber harvested. Finding the right buyer is crucial

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